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why you need to start praying scripture for healing

  We could all benefit from praying scripture for healing. But why is it that prayer is often our last resort instead of our first line of defense?

   It is often because in our hurting condition we simply don’t know what to pray or if God would even listen. So this strategy of praying scripture for healing takes the complications out of praying.

   So when we are hurting whether physically, spiritually, or are simply just tired there is hope in this process. 

Name your nemesis

  The first step to praying scripture for healing is to name your nemesis. We have to identify what we need to be healed from. It may be an illness, a relationship problem, or a mountain of regret that is weighing us down. 

  After we identify what the problem is we can start to search for scripture that speaks to our current problem. 

Boost your belief

bible reading plan

  When we need healing we can get into a dark place that sucks the life out of our faith. So what we need to do is read accounts in Scripture where God healed people in our exact situation. 

  As we read about how God worked in others’ life. It will give us the courage to pray God would do the same in our lives. 

  If we are going to start praying scripture for healing we will have to boost our belief in this way. 

Finally start praying scripture for healing

  After identifying what needs healing in your life and boosting your faith through what God has done it is now time to pray the promises back to Him. A great way to do that is to say something like this….

Father, you said__________ in your Word and I am believing that you will be faithful to your Word

Help your healing

  We all know that if you get lost it is best to be still and wait for help. But it is so tempting to try to wander. 

  The same is true when praying scripture for healing. After praying day after day with no result it can drive a wedge between us and God. 

  we become bitter and drop our commitment to call upon God in prayer. But we have to realize if we stay faithful to praying scripture for healing God will be faithful to His word. 

  The healing may not come immediately but we can be sure that it will come. So don’t give up yet and rest in the truth that God always comes through. 

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