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Why is it important to let your light shine?

Why is it important to let your light shine?

  Why is it important to let your light shine? That is a question that we often ask. Very similar to how a junior high algebra student asks his teacher when will I ever use this we ask God when will letting our light shine actually make a difference.

    As we survey how all of our friends live life the way that they want to without moral restraint we wonder if being good matters. When we hear of someone we know that loved the Lord receiving a terminal illness we wonder why even bother? 

   Is it important for a lighthouse keeper to keep the light burning?  Of course, it is because that light is what prevents shipwrecks and guides ships through a foggy night. What about a lifeguard that has been baking in the hot sun on a summer day. 

   Is it important that he be at his post and not shopping at a local mall? Of course, it is because if he isn’t on watch someone could drown. So it is the same way with us showing the love of Christ to a lost world. 

  We are the vessels that God has chosen to distribute His message of hope to a hopeless world. So read on to discover three truths that will answer the question of why is it important to let your light shine. 

When you let your light shine heaven becomes reality

Why is it important to let your light shine before men

  So what does Jesus mean by letting your light shine? Life. Church has a great article on this topic that can be read here. But at its most basic level letting your light shine means allowing Jesus to shine the light of heaven through you. In the form of your good works. 

    The world is full of disappointed hearts, addiction, and dishonesty. And when you add in the heavy-hitting news of terminal illnesses, unnecessary car accidents, and other random tragedies the world can find it hard to believe there is a God in heaven. 

     Jesus knew this truth all too well and that is where his command in Matthew 5:16 came from. Before people will accept the king of heaven they need to know that the King of heaven is for them. That is why it is important that we let our light shine.

    Think about a couple that is at the end of their ropes with each other. They are tired of the fighting and judgment. 

  All of a sudden they see the satisfying and fulfilling relationship of another couple that has adopted God’s design for marriage.  It makes this other couple thirsty for that picture of heaven.

   The person who has always felt worthless due to the mistakes they have made can see heaven through you. When everyone treats them like they belong in hell, you can treat them with the mercy God gave you.

   It is in that moment that your mercy has just made them believe in the reality of heaven. But it was your example that caused them to have a thirst for what you have. 

People will accept the king of heaven when you act like a citizen of heaven

It is the only option

  Why is it important to let your light shine? It is important because you are the vessel through which God works the wonders of His message. 

   Think about the fact that Jesus left it to the disciples to get the word out. Do you ever find yourself asking God if He would fix the world? Well the answer that God often speaks back to us is He created you. 

    That is right we are God’s plan to get the message about heaven to the world. And on top of this, there is no plan B. So we have to realize it is important to let our light shine because We are the avenue through which people will hear the good news. 

God chose to use our ordinary lives to carry a message of an extraordinary gospel

When you let your light shine God is glorified

  Notice that Jesus points out that when people see your good works God will get the glory. What Jesus was getting at was that the radical change that comes from salvation points people to God. 

    It is almost as if the grace-induced good works of a believer are embedded with the very fingerprints of God. That is because the spirit of God gives the Christian the capacity to do good works that have no worldly explanation.      

  Especially after the world sees their transformation after accepting Christ. That is the goal that has to happen.  If the world doesn’t see the God behind the good works and get all the glory all is lost.

   Because it does no good to create moral men. Once they see God-inspired good works then they want to work with God. 

   Think about it in reference to a parent and child. When the child has grown up and done amazing good things people congratulate the parent. The child actually did the work. But the parent was responsible for the upbringing. 

     So when we advertise that we belong to God and do good works He gets the credit. And people want to get what we have. This makes them want to accept the God behind our good works as their good savior. 

People glorify God with their words when we glorify Him through our works.

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