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Who we Are

Millennial on mission  is here to help you accomplish your God given purpose. We all have dreams and goals. We believe living out the Micah 6:8 mandate to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. We believe  there are droves of young entrepreneurs , leaders, and world changers out there that are  just waiting to be discovered.  because of these beliefs we will showcase  stories of those practicing the Micah 6:8  mandate and who are living out their God given talents . We exist to equip and encourage you to reach your goals for the better. We know you are going to do great things and would love to help you along the way. 


We  desire to  equip you through online content, point you to relevant resources, and provide you with  merchandise that shows the world you  mean business. 


Every month read about success stories of  how people just like you made a difference in someones life. Also of how someone like you created their own success story. 


If you  just need someone to review  where you are at with  your message logistics you have come to the right place. Whether it is a YouTube channel or the first steps needed to make your dream a reality. Make sure you email us  and we would be happy to help.