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When God says no: 3 verses to prove God is on your side.

  We all are broken-hearted when God says no to something we really want in life. It could be something like a better job or as serious as quick healing from a  horrible disease. 

  We ask God and we truly feel like Him saying yes to our request is required for our happiness. And unfortunately, when God says no to us we can begin to lose our faith in God.

   We wonder if He is really on our side. The good news is that He is. so read on to discover three truths about how God saying no is Him saying yes to something better in your life. 

God wants to prevent your blessing from beating you up

When God says no

We have to be careful about asking for a bigger blessing in our lives. Because bigger blessings often come with bigger responsibilities. So this is why God sometimes says no. 

  He doesn’t want to put us in a situation where the blessing we long for could become the blessing we loathe due to our shortcomings. 

   God pointed this out in Deuteronomy 7:22. Notice God said He would for sure give them all of the land. He was for them. But He would only give it to them little by little. Why? 

  Because He points out that the land would overwhelm them and they would be in huge trouble. So when God says no don’t panic. It doesn’t necessarily mean God will never grant that request. 

   It is important to remember in order to enjoy God’s yes in the future we have to sometimes be ok with a no today. 

god has the true forecast of your future blessing

When God says no

  Predicting the weather can be a shaky business. One day its cold and the next day we are all burning up. Life can be that way sometimes too. 

  Have you ever noticed how are prayer requests change over time? This is why it is so important to lean on God and not our own understanding.

   Because God knows that sometimes what we want today is something that we will not desire five years from now. It is very similar to your career choices as a toddler. 

  Imagine if your parents bought you a 10,000-acre ranch with livestock when you were 3 years old. All based on you saying you wanted to be a cowboy. But then when you got older you discovered you hated working outside and loved working on computers in an office environment. 

   God as our Father also has our best interests at heart. So we have to trust that when He says no it is based on a perfect understanding of what is best for us. 

  So we have to have faith in the moment that a no today is because there is something better coming. So we have to make the decision to choose faith in God over what we feel like in the moment.  

God is in the business of making lemonade out of your lemons

God is in the business of working all things together for the good of those who love Him. 

  So we have to have faith that His no is part of that process. He knows the ultimate good for our lives. It is God who can take the mess of today and turn it into an amazing future. 

  We just have to have the faith to love God enough to bring Him all of our stuff. That includes our issues and failures. 

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