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Top 5 Amazon products that will transform your office.

As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I also am sure that these products below will truly make your life better. 

           We are in a strange time for sure. Many of us have have went from working in a structured environment to utter chaos. We now meet with our coworkers on a device screen as our dog and out of control toddler interrupts our workflow. Even when we return to the actual building where we work we find ourselves wiping everything down with wipes. As we do this we are most likely sporting a face mask our friend sewed for us. But it is the little things in life that can make our day go from awful to awesome. You cannot get rid of your wild toddler or your awful coworker. You cannot get rid of your beloved dog. But there are some small steps or purchases you can make that can equip you to have an awesome day at the office.

1) Noise cancelling Nirvana

       Whether it is your barking dog, your loud child , or your coworkers  spotify playlist there is an answer to noisy distractions. It comes in the form of noise cancelling headphones that will allow all distractions to melt away. Are they a bit pricey?  They can be but the promotion your boss will be giving you after  you are so productive will more than pay for the cost of the headphones. 

2) No More Plug Envy

           Nobody likes to have plug envy. That is where the number or devices that need a plug, the number of people, and the the number of plugs do not match up. Many probably felt this when they began to work from home. When they  were given a tongue lashing for unplugging the xbox for a work computer. Also power strips tend to take up a lot of room and run out of plugs. This is why this plug tower below is a lifesaver. It can charge your phone wirelessly, has  four usb ports for multiple devices , and up to ten outlets. It also provides  plenty of surge protection for all connected devices. 

3) Serenade Your Soul

        Nothing has the power to transport you to your happy place like your favorite tunes. What if you could bring basically every song you could ever desire to work with  you? You can when you try Amazon Music Unlimited. Play them in your office or in your earbuds  for a mental break in a taxing day. Call up the blues when your feeling blue or have a personal dance party to your favorite hip hop hit in your office. Just remember to close the door so you don’t go viral with your epic dance moves.  Besides when your happy is when you do your all time best. 

4) Bedroom Boardroom

         When working from home everyone needs a way to make the bedroom the boardroom. And with this lap desk you can work cool, comfortable, and literally from your own bed. It is designed to put all of your important devices at your fingertips. With a slot that holds your phone vertical for better viewing from a reclined angle to an integrated mouse pad for your favorite wireless mouse. They also provide ventilation so the heat from the laptop doesn’t get out of control. So if you want to be able to answer emails , fill out your work orders, and communicate with your phone all from your bed. While also watching the latest Netflix hit out of the corner of your eye you  have found your solution. 

5) No more thirsty office days

     Stop the  fridge pirates from lifting your cold cokes. This compact small fridge will fit six cans of your favorite soda. It even has a switch to where it will keep your coffee warm until its time for your 10 am Caffeine shot. And most of all you can send a message by writing on the face of the fridge. With this compact fridge a refreshing drink is just an arm length away. This allows you to break anytime not just break time. 

      All of us have to work for a living but we do not have to hate working for a living. With just a few dollars invested we can make an awful workplace an awesome workplace. So if your workweek hasn’t been very awesome  check out these top five Amazon products we have suggested and you never know your  office may just become your happy place. Make sure to share and like this  article so others can have an awesome workspace just like you. Thank you and have a great day. 

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