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three ways to attract God’s attention

How to attract God's attention

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  When we look around at a world in need we often wonder how to attract God’s attention. Because we know if God gets involved then our world will begin to change for the better.

   It is kind of like a high school kid on the ball field with the scouts watching the game. They know if they can attract the attention of the scout they have their golden ticket. Just like that kid on the field, we try to perform in a way to attract God’s attention. 

  Because if we learn how to attract God’s attention we will see lives transformed before our very eyes. Sometimes we feel like we have exhausted our time and energy trying to get God to move. So read on to discover how to get noticed by God.

A humble heart is how to attract god's attention

How to attract Gods Attention

  God will not relinquish His position of God to anyone. That includes us as Christians. We sadly approach the throne of grace so often with a heart void of gratitude. 

  We falsely believe that our understanding is best. And all God has to do is get on board with our plan to save the world. 

  When in reality the pages of scripture are full of men who had a plan. With most of their plans plummeting God’s people into the depths of despair. 

 Whereas the men who relinquished control to God with a humble heart came out on top every single time.

   God responded to their humble confession that they did not have the answer nor the power to win without God. 

  God is not going to summon heavens army just so we can swoop in afterward and steal His glory. But every single time we come to God with a humble heart and a commitment to give Him glory afterward He will move.

   For that, He will summon the host of heaven to fight on our behalf. So if you and I want to attract God’s attention we have to exchange our prideful hearts for a humble heart. If you want to study humility further you can read this article by Desiring God


Putting down our pride is a shortcut to picking up the power of heaven.

Godly sorrow over sin is guaranteed to attract God's attention

How to attract God's attention

  It is when we are guided by pride that we find ourselves falling into sin. At that moment we feel like we can’t get a hold of God. That we are like damaged goods with our best days behind us.

   But the reality is that we can still attract God’s attention. We may ask ourselves how can we attract God’s attention after we have rebelled against Him? 

  The secret the enemy doesn’t want you to know is that the heart of God is moved by His children owning up to their sin. Pride pushes our guilt down into the recesses of our minds. 

  But it is only when we lay bare our flaws and cracks before a flawless God that He can begin to do the impossible. There is not a single instance in scripture where God rejected someone who confessed their brokenness to Him. 

  That is what He is talking about in Matthew chapter twelve. It is the repentant heart that is the very currency of the economy of redemption. 

  Because it is the godly sorrow over sin that activates the great gift of a savior to your wandering heart.

God may grieve over your sin but He doesn't regret your redemption.

Trying god's promises is the best option

  We Sometimes fail on learning how to get God’s attention. But it is not because God has not given us a blueprint for success.  

  God spoke the world into existence. When He said let there be light it appeared. So why do we have a different attitude about the promises in His word? 

  It usually has something to do with the heavy investment on our part. We do not want to give our time, money, and life just to end up with nothing.

   The radical promises throughout the Bible can be trusted just as much as the creation account. All we have to do is take those promises from the pages of our Bible and put them into practice every day. To start with the promise instead of the provision.

  Because when we start with the provisions We will never take that first step. Mainly due to our habit of thinking we never have enough.

When your prayers start with the promises of God the provision of God will follow.

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