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Three truths to preach to yourself when you’re afraid to share the gospel

afraid to share the gospel

   We all love the idea of telling others about Jesus but sometimes we find ourselves afraid to share the gospel. We truly have a desire for other people to come to know Jesus but somehow the courage in our hearts doesn’t translate into gospel conversations. 

  We gladly and faithfully pray for those who we know need Christ. But the truth of the matter is that they also at some point need to hear the gospel. 

   Does being afraid to share the gospel mean that there’s no hope for you? We are often afraid to share the gospel due to our fear of rejection, not knowing enough, or maybe even our quiet personality.

    I mean let’s look at the people that God used in scripture. Paul was a Christian killer, Peter renounced Christ three times, and all his disciples left Him in the garden alone due to their fear. 

   So if you find yourself afraid to share the gospel take heart and discover the three truths about sharing the gospel that can make all your fear disappear. 

when you're afraid to share the gospel Inventory your authority

   Take note of who you believe your authority to be. Everyone knows the great commission where Jesus tells us to go and make disciples. But there is one important truth about that verse that comes before Jesus gives the marching orders. 

afraid to share the gospel

  Why did Jesus tell the disciples this before He spoke of winning the nations for the world? Because authority always precedes the proclamation. 

  A great example is the wonderful speed limit signs on the side of the highway. Technically they are just a piece of metal with numbers on them.

   But these pieces of metal make us drive safer because they are backed up by the full authority of the entire county’s sheriff department. 

  The speed limit may be proclaimed to be 75 but not before the authority is established that can back that number up. 

   So we have to let the truth of Christ shattered the power of enemy on the cross. He beat death and sin through the final work of the cross.

   That is the authority and power that is behind us. So when we become afraid to share the gospel may we remember all of heaven is behind us. 

  Christ has done the hard work of dying for our sins. So the job is done all we have to do is offer it to others. Our fear of sharing the gospel often comes from our tendency to look at what we are lacking. 

  We are afraid that we won’t have the right answers, we won’t have the money to reach someone, or a million different other reasons. But we do not have to fear if we are lacking something we need to minister to others.

   Because God has the authority to make it happen for the salvation of others. So let us realize all of heaven is behind us, Christ has already finished the work on the cross, and that God is not hindered by our lack. 

The authority of Christ is what activates our ability to share Jesus without fear

When you're afraid to share the gospel realign your responsibility

afraid to share the gospel

  What exactly is our responsibility when it comes to the gospel? We are responsible for telling others about the good news of Jesus. We cannot in fact actually save anyone. That is the heavy job of God.

   And if we add to our job of telling others the good news of Jesus the job of also doing the saving. We are in for a depressed Christian life. The grace and good news of what Christ has done is what saves someone. 

  So when we stop trying to be the preacher, the savior, and the keeper of Heaven all in one. It becomes a whole lot easier to share the gospel when we know what our responsibility is. So What we have to do is simply open our mouths and allow God to work on their hearts.  

  We do not have to be afraid of the fact that our message may be rejected. Because our task is simply to relay the great news of redemption.

   The rest of it is up to them and God. So what does this mean for us? It means that we are successful every time that we share the gospel. 

When you're afraid to share the gospel invest in the founder

  Do you remember the first year after you came to know Christ as your savior and Lord? You could not help but share the gospel with courage. 

  You just wanted everyone to know that you loved your savior and that they would too. For some reason when we are excited about something and love something we are not shy about proclaiming it.

   We post it on Facebook, text our friends, and let the whole world know. Just look at the world of sports fans. When they go to a game they are loud, sporting their favorite team’s colors, and let the world know who they are for.

   So one step we can make to ease our fear is to become more in love with our creator. How do we do that? We do this by investing in the founder of the gospel. 

   We read His Word more, pray for Him to give us more gospel opportunities, and also remember the amazing truth He redeemed us from hell.

    And as we put more time in our relationship with Him the more excited we will be to tell others about the God we love. 

The more we fall in love with Christ the more we will share Christ freely

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