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Three side effects of not knowing your worth in Christ

  Your low self-worth can often be traced to not knowing your worth in Christ. We find ourselves going through mood swings, wasting resources, and experiencing disappointment. So what does that look like?

Do you notice something about these four areas? They all at some point leave us feeling worthless. 

  When we are financially well off we feel worthy. But the minute our success slides away so does our joy. The same thing happens on social media.

  So what are some indications that the condition of your broken heart stems from not knowing your worth in Christ?

Knowing your worth in Christ reduces mood swings

  As soon as the arms of our financial, career, and relationships throw us out our good mood goes with it.

   This is why knowing your worth in Christ is worth it. The arms of God will never throw us out.  

  When mine and your worth are tied up in Christ our joy is constant. Even though our circumstances may seem to say otherwise. 

your worth in Christ reduces bad investments

knowing your worth in Christ

  We all have been guilty of it. We feel let down and worthless. So we decide to do a little retail therapy to give our worth a boost.

   Not to mention spending large amounts of time on activities that always leave us wanting more. This doesn’t mean that those things are bad. 

  It just means when we try to boost our worth with creation we will always be left wanting more. 

  Not to mention that it becomes a revolving motion of us spending more time and money chasing worth that lasts. 

   And the only way to find worth that lasts is by knowing your worth in Christ is the safest place for your heart’s affections. Desiring God has a great article on how we don’t have to prove ourselves found here

Wordly worth steals your freedom

Have you seen the commercial where the man misses all his family’s important milestones because he has to go out for a smoke? 

   The cigarettes stole his freedom. The same effect happens when we find our worth in relationships, careers, or social media success. 

  When we put all our worth in creation then the enemy knows he can hold that over our head in order to control our actions. 

  As soon as our object of personal worth is at risk. It causes us to act irrationally and sometimes even sinfully. 

How to make it right

So as we have discussed finding our worth in this world only brings trouble. So the next step is to know how to find your worth in God. 

  You can start by choosing to take more stock in what God says than what your circumstances, friends, or the enemy says.

  The verse above is just one of the many examples that break the lie that our worth is tied to our performance. 

  Think about the fact that Christ died for our sins to save us. We are so valued in the eyes of God that He did not spare even His own son for our salvation. 

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