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Saintly Living: How to show Christian Hospitality

How to Show Christian Hospitality

    As Christians, we all want to know how to show Christian hospitality that leads people to God. But oftentimes we end up mixing up the world’s idea of hospitality with true Christian Hospitality.  

   But why would we want to learn how to show Christian hospitality? Because Christian hospitality has been the one calling card of the Christian faith.

   Jesus changed lives through His hospitality. Tax Collectors would repent. People would be healed. Missionaries were born.  

  It is also the very backdrop through which tons of people have decided to follow Jesus. I feel like Christian hospitality is like the Special Forces of Christianity. 

  Simply because there aren’t many people that can resist it. You and I may fall asleep during a boring sermon. But when the backdrop of that sermon becomes a dinner table with strawberry shortcake attitudes change. 

  So read on to discover how you can transform lives through Christian Hospitality.

The Lazy sister Knows how to show Christian hospitality

How To Show Christian hospitality


 Imagine Jesus being a guest at your house. We would probably make sure every item was in its place. Not to mention every person on their best behavior. In Luke chapter 10 these sisters get cross with each other. 

  Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus enjoying being with their guest. While Martha has chosen to throw herself into serving Jesus. Martha was focused on doing stuff for Jesus.

  The problem being that she was doing so much for Jesus she had no time to listen to Jesus. Can you imagine the cutting looks Mary was getting? 

  After Martha tries to tell Jesus to make Mary work Jesus commends Mary. Can you imagine how Mary felt at the foot of the cross? It was at that moment she probably regretted making it all about kitchen chores. 

  This scripture shows that Mary knew how to show Christian hospitality. Here is a good article on the two sisters’ approaches. 

  So is there a lesson in this for how we treat others? I would say so. That lesson being that Christian hospitality is not just doing things for people as much as it is being with people. 

  We have to guard our hearts against letting pride take root over all that we have done. Just look at what happened to Martha. This path caused her to fuss at Jesus while He was a guest in her home. 

  Mary was commended by Jesus. And I think that we would all desire that. So if we are going to have an attitude like Mary we will choose to listen to those we are serving.

   Instead of loathing about the extra work that creates for us. Christian hospitality is attractive because it cuts through the oftentimes superficial persona of a perfect household. 

When we strive to be present with people instead of performing for people they get a glimpse of a present savior.

The expert on How to show Christian hospitality

How to Show Christian Hospitality

    Jesus the Son of God ate with sinners. Let that sink into our minds. The King of Kings was the guest of cheats and criminals. 

   But He turned the world upside down because of this radical hospitality. Rachel Thomson has a in depth article on this here.

   The very act of Jesus’ presence told the rejected people of His time that they were valued. This is important in knowing how to show Christian Hospitality.

   The value of an invitation cannot be overstated. Christian Hospitality involves an open invitation to all.
The world invites people that are loved and on their side. 

  The Christian Community should stand out for its ability to extend an invitation to those who are different than them.

A call to Christian hospitality is a call to invite others without restraint.

Ignore Lunchbox limitations

   We may look at the example of Jesus and say we can’t be radically hospitable like Him. Our biggest concern is usually what we don’t have.

   We falsely believe that the more we have the more we will practice Christian Hospitality that changes lives.

  But in practice, the opposite happens. When we refuse to practice radical hospitality with little it never happens.

  Radical Christian hospitality falls prey to the pride of enjoying what we have to the fullest. This makes it difficult to show Christian hospitality.

  So the good news is that we can do this even if we do not have a fancy home, Rachel Ray cooking skills, or fine china.

  Just look at what Jesus did for the crowds on the hillsides. He took a meager little boy’s lunch and fed the multitudes.

  He can do the same in our lives. If we will begin to practice Christian hospitality within our current lifestyle God will provide.

We find the means to do Gods will when we are faithful to His Will.

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