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Praying on Purpose: The three prayers God answers


The prayer problem

     We are taught from an early age in Sunday School on the importance of prayer. And in theory the idea of prayer is mind blowing. We as  broken yet saved people get to  bring our deepest desires into the presence of a good God.

     People we love have been healed through prayer. Physical needs have been met and hope has been found in our darkest times. But lets get real. 

      Sometimes prayer can be difficult. If we are not careful our time in prayer can become more  like a resented chore than a cherished moment with our Father. 

First of all we can’t actually see God as we talk to Him.

Second of all  we feel like Answered prayers are dependent on How God is feeling today.

Third of all we  can’t hear an audible answer after we say Amen. 

     So for these and many other reasons prayer becomes difficult because you and I  feel like God is not going to answer our prayers.  We begin to feel like God is not listening to our prayers. And when we feel like He is not listening we  stop talking. 

     But the good news is that God answers prayers. In order for God to answer our prayers we have to begin to pray with purpose.  Read on to discover the three prayers of purpose that God always answers. 

Praying with purpose: God answers our broken hearts

praying with purpose

     I love this truth from 1 John because it cuts through the lies of the enemy. the enemy wants me and you to feel like God will not forgive us if we simply ask Him.  There are upwards of 1,200 pages in the Bible. God did not reject one person who came to God in prayer to confess their sin to Him.

      In fact God goes one step further. God wipes away the guilt completely. David the man after Gods own heart committed adultery and had her husband killed in battle. When he was confronted by the prophet Nathan David broke down. He got real with God in prayer and God forgave him. 

    One of the enemies  best plans is to make us believe God can’t forgive us. He tricks us into thinking that it has to be harder than simply telling God we messed up. 

      So do not let the enemy hold the guilt of your mistakes over your head. Confess your sins to God and be confident in the finished work of Jesus. 

Praying with purpose: In the name of Jesus

     Ok so do not come away from this article saying that Pastor Matthew said if I ask it in Jesus name then I will receive it. Even if it is a shiny new red corvette and a million dollars.

     Even though we may wished if that was the way that prayer works , God has a greater plan. It is kind of like  the child whos father is absent but buys them whatever they want no  matter the cost. The child just wants their daddy. 

   That is why God did not set up prayer to be an automatic wish granting machine. He knows even if we do not realize it that we need more. That more being a relationship with Him.

     So the second kind of prayer that God will for sure answer are prayers motivated by His glory. So its not just tacking on the name of Jesus on the end.  But it is praying with the mindset of Jesus. 

     This is at the heart of the miracles Jesus performed. God was not just interested in feeding people, making the blind see, and raising people from the dead.

    But    God answered the prayers of Jesus because the Son of God  had a desire to point the world to the Father. So before you say amen ask yourself  would the world be pointed to the Father if God answered my prayers right now? 

      Some of the most amazing answers to prayer in my life have come when I prayed in Jesus name. When I was interested not in my own selfish desires but when I brought the requests of my heart into line with the will of the father. And if you choose to do the same you can count on God to hold up His end of the deal.   

praying with purpose: Wisdom to move forward

praying for wisdom

        We all want to live a successful life reaping the benefits of the good decisions we have made. But oftentimes we go about it all the wrong way. We ask for the benefits of a transformed life instead of the ability to live out that kind of life. I have fallen into this trap many times.

       All of us want to ask God for a great immune system. But if we have wisdom we have the ability to take care of our bodies. We have all heard the saying ” give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry.” Think of praying for wisdom as the living out of this principle. 

   Because when God gives us the wisdom to know what to do next, we know what the right path is. Instead of continually chasing after the results we receive the key to receive those results. That key being wisdom. 

    If you think about it who else  could be considered more wise than God. If God had the capacity to create this complex world and it is still going strong. Sign me up for some of that wisdom!

     So if you come to a place in life and do not know what to even ask God that would help, ask for Wisdom. It is through that wisdom that you will know what to do next. How do we know that this is actually true?

    I am glad you asked. King Solomon who was basically the richest  and most powerful king in all Israels history asked God for wisdom. Now how man of us if God told us He would grant any request would ask for wisdom? 

    Not many for sure. Solomon did not ask for riches , but riches came. Solomon did not ask for fame, but fame came, Solomon did not ask for glory, but glory came. And it all started with wisdom. So If God came through for Solomon and Jesus on brother James says it to be true you can ask in confidence.  

Now What

    God will for sure answer these prayers. it is up to you to stand on these promises of His word as you ask for forgiveness, His name to be magnified, and wisdom for what is next.  But when you do , oh the amazing stories you will have to tell. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend. 

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