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Monday morning bible verse to get you through the week

  We all need a good morning Bible verse to last us through the day. Because often how we see  our day going and how it actually goes are two different things. 

  So check out our Monday morning Bible verse below to gain some encouragement to get you through today. 

morning bible verse

  Unfortunately, we can’t get rid of Monday. But we can change how we respond to the train wrecks of situations that happen today. 

  How we respond will determine how good the rest of the week is. So let us let the truth of Micah 7:8 sink into our hearts to add a protective layer between us and our difficult circumstances. 

   So let us allow the truths of this morning Bible verse to set us free from the frustration of a new week. Everything may change but the ability of God to save the day will always be the same. 

Bible Studies from Dr. David Jeremiah

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