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Memorize this verse to answer the question Does God understand me?

does God understand me

  We all ask the question does God understand me? Often it is this very thought that plants the seeds of doubt that grow into a case of full-grown bitterness against God.

   Because if the enemy can get us to believe that God doesn’t care nor understand the battle is already over. 

  So just like a sick person takes a specific prescription for their illness we have to arm ourselves with God’s word.

   For that is the exact strategy that Jesus used when He was tempted by the enemy. And it was 100% effective. So the rest of this article will be committed to helping you memorize Psalms 147:5. 

does God understand me?

Before we work on memorizing our scripture verse for this week we have to understand what it means. 

#1- Our Lord’s greatness is not affected by our weakness. 

#2- Our Lord’s power is sufficient for our problems.

#3- Our Lord’s understanding cannot be measured.

  This means that when we ask does God understand me The answer is an exciting yes. No matter what our circumstances may say God is in control. So may we fight the doubt of the enemy by memorizing this verse from Psalms.

  Type the word that goes in the blank in the box above. When you are done press check to see if you remembered the verse correctly. 

   The video above is interactive. You can fill in the blanks and drag the words to the sentences. Simply click on the blanks. 

  This verse answers the question does God understand me? To help you remember this verse you can press the button above to download beautiful wallpaper for your phone or computer. 

  We look at our electronic devices thousands of times a week. Imagine the impact it will have when you are looking at this scripture every time you open your phone etc. 

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