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3 ways losing your passion for God is behind losing your happiness

   It is easy to find ourselves losing our passion for God. Passion tends to grow cold if we don’t nurture its flame. Do you remember how passion-filled the first days of your marriage were? 

   We all do. One minute we are pulling out all the stops for our Friday night date night and before we know it there is no Friday night date night. It is a similar concept to God. 

   We are passionate about God at the moment of our conversion because we have invested our time, heart, and life to glean all the joy we can from Him. 

  Not to mention the fact that we are majorly aware of God’s no strings attached unconditional love. 

  But like a marriage life gets in the way and we find our passion growing cold. But the good news is that we can once again live passionate Christ-exalting lives if we follow the steps outlined below.

   And when we stop losing our passion for God we start gaining our purpose and joy back once again. 

When you are losing your passion for god remind yourself of Gods passion for you

losing your passion for God

When we are losing our passion for God it is often connected to our memory.

   Because when we forget the benefits of God we tend to struggle to have a passion for God. 

   We can relate this to our relationships. Desiring God has a great article on this you can read here As time travels on we lose our passion for each other. 

  Because we take our eyes off of the awesome things we have. Only to redirect them to all the things our spouse is not. 

   So if we are losing our passion for God there is one solution. We have to remember the passion God has for us. 

– God gave up His Son so we could be with Him in Heaven.

– God has saved us from Hell.

– God has forgiven all our sins.

– God has taken the wrath meant for us and put it on Jesus when He was on the cross.

   And this just scratches the surface of what God has provided for us. 

  So if we have lost our passion for God it could be we have bought into the lies of the world about God.

   So if you find yourself losing your passion for God remind yourself of Gods passion for you. 



I am about to share with you a secret to life I have learned. What we like is directly connected to how much time we have spent with it. 

  Think about this. I love cokes and butter bread. But every once in a while I decide I need to live better. 

  So I drink more water and eat wheat bread. At first, it doesn’t taste like a good decision. But after a couple of months drinking a coke doesn’t taste the same. Whereas water is what I crave.

    The same applies to God. At first, it is awkward to go to church more, do devotions again, or pray. But the more we make ourselves do these practices the more we enjoy them. 

   We have to realize that to be more passionate about God we have to spend more time with God. 

We have to realize that to be more passionate about God we have to spend more time with God.

lose the idols that make you idle

When we realize we are losing our passion for God it is often hard to turn around. But not impossible. The root of the issue is usually an idol.

  We may not worship a little golden statue. But we in America we definitely have our idols of comfort, blessing, etc.

   When we start giving away our time, money, and heart to something created it hijacks our experience with God. 

  A great book on this truth is Gods at War by Kyle Idleman as you see below.( affiliate link)

  The problem with the idols of this life is they promise what they cannot give. It is a strictly one-way relationship. In which we keep giving to them and they keep taking from us. 

  Whereas the exact opposite is true with God. when we give our lives to God we get so much in return. In the form of joy, peace, and a secured spot in heaven. 

   So if you are wary of the empty promises of this world. Of acceptance that never comes. 

  The promise of glory that doesn’t fade but disappears with the last echo of people’s applause. Then let us all lay down our idols and take up a satisfying savior. 

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