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How to never underestimate the power of prayer

never underestimate the power of prayer

In church, we always hear how we should never underestimate the power of prayer. 

  But in the real world where we live Monday through Saturday that is a hard truth to stick to. 

  Unfortunately, the circumstances of life can cause us to underestimate the power of prayer. Why is this a bad thing? 

  The more we underestimate the power of prayer the less we will actually pray. 

  And even more, sobering the less we pray the less movement we see from God in our lives. 

  So how can we build our confidence in the power of prayer as a real force for change in our lives? The good news is that it is possible by following the steps below. 

Record the wins so that you will not underestimate the power of prayer

never underestimate the power of prayer

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I am not a big fan of writing stuff down. But when it comes to never underestimate the power of prayer it is vital.

  I can’t name the number of times that this act of recording the wins has boosted my faith. And I know that it will change your perspective on prayer also.

  So why does this work? It works because when we think something is not working then we just don’t want to do it.

   So by reminding ourselves of the prayers God has answered we are reinforcing the truth that we can trust him. 

  So get a good prayer journal to record your prayer requests. Next, keep a list of the things you are asking God to do in your life. And when you want to doubt prayer works go back to all the times God came through.

   By choosing to do this you will get to a place where you never underestimate the power of prayer. Check out this article on the power of prayer by Arabah Joy. 

The more we recall what God has done in the past the more we will ask God to do in the future.

Making time for prayer translates into answered prayers

never underestimate the power of prayer

We often underestimate the power of prayer because we don’t spend enough time doing it. James points this out in his book of the Bible. 

   James tells the church that they have not because they ask not. Now does this mean God is like a genie in a bottle? No of course not. 

   But it does mean that God takes our requests seriously. Just think of the phrase answered prayers. What does that require? It requires that there be a prayer offered up. 

   But if your like me we can get busy and our prayer life can go to the back burner. Luckily though there are some ways we can make prayer a part of our everyday routine.

We often quit when we feel overwhelmed. The same principle applies to prayer. So it is better to find a sustainable strategy. 

   An easy way to do this is to weave prayer into your current routine. Write down your prayer requests on sticky notes. Put them all on the left side of your mirror. 

  Then every morning and evening when you brush your teeth you can pray. Next, as God answers each prayer move the sticky note to the right side of the mirror. 

   This is not only doable but provides visual proof that God is answering your prayers. In addition to this strategy, you can make some prayer rocks.

  Simply paint a small stone with what you are asking God to do. Next put it under your pillow. 

  So that when you lay down you feel the rock and it reminds you to pray. You can even stick it in your shoes the night before. Then every morning as you put your shoes on you are reminded to pray. 

   Finally, you can be reminded to make time to pray by setting a reminder on your phone. You can even customize what specific requests you want to be praying about. 

Not making time for prayer is like not making time for cashing your check

reflect on Gods track record.

The enemy doesn’t want us to get to a place where we never underestimate the power of prayer. 

   That is because we are strongest when our prayer life is the healthiest. But as I have mentioned above life can seem overwhelming to the point of giving up.

  So one of the most effective exercises we can do is reflect on God’s track record. Go to scripture and see all the times God answered prayer in mighty ways. 

  Throughout the pages of scripture, God makes the blind to see, the dead to be raised, and provision to be found. All because people just like me and you prayed. 

   As we see time after time of God’s faithfulness to His people’s prayers we will believe even stronger in the power of prayer. And hopefully, it will lead us to pray for bigger things that only a big God like ours can accomplish. 

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