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How to memorize and remember Psalms Chapter 23 in record time.

  Do you struggle to memorize the Bible? It can be hard to memorize a single verse much less an entire chapter. 

  Check out the rest of this article to help you memorize Psalms 23 before your pastors sermon is done on Sunday. 

  You can download the image with Psalms 23 on it and make it the background of your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. 

  That way every time you look at your device you are looking at the Scripture verses you want to learn. 

Pray the promises receive the rewards

  There is one often ignored strategy for memorizing and applying scripture to our lives. A good idea is to take one verse a day and pray back to God. 

  This is great because it gives us a guide on what to say as we pray. And it also helps us remember what that verse says because we are actively asking God to make that scripture real in our lives today. 

Walk before you run

  Sometimes we set big goals and never achieve them because we try to climb a mountain before we walk a hill. 

  The same applies with memorizing scripture. If we start by looking at a verse image , praying the verses back to God, and then increasing the difficulty of our task we will have success. 

  So the next step after praying the promises of our scripture is to do a simple exercise like the one below. Simply drag the word on the right  to the correct blank in the scripture below. 

  Once you have done this enough that you have it down it is time to go onto the next step below.  

   Type in each empty blank the corresponding word that you have learned goes there for Psalms 23.

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