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How to find God when you don’t feel like looking

  We often wonder how to find God when we don’t feel like looking. When we receive the tragic news of a loved one’s death, we fall back into our old patterns of sin or become distracted with the blessings of life. The last thing we want to do is reach out to God. 

  Sometimes these situations in life block us from remembering we do know how to find God. Maybe the question is not how to find God, but how do we see the goodness of God in a godless world?

Stop using periods....

7 reasons why our prayers are not answered

  Periods end a sentence. And there is something final about placing that dot after a sentence.

   Unfortunately, we take the death of a loved one,  the downward spiral of an immoral world, and our struggle to be faithful as the end of the story. 

   We take these circumstances as the dot that stops the plans of God. A final period that enables us to give up because of a world that indicates God has left the building. So what are we to do? 

  Choose to put a comma in the plot line of God’s story in this world. Remember this, every play that the enemy makes, Jesus has a better play to make!

how to find god when you don't feel like it requires spiritual lighter fluid

  How to find God when you don’t feel like it requires some spiritual starter fluid. Just like a fire needs something extra to start the flames, we also need a little help finding God when we don’t feel like it. The good news is that this first step is the easiest.

  We must read about people encountering God in Scripture before we become motivated to do the same. Because sometimes we are so burnt out on bad news, we need the faith legacy of scripture to reinstate our faith in God. 

   If all we take in is the bad news the enemy feeds us, we won’t even try to engage spiritually. We won’t pray because we feel like God won’t answer. When we pray, we are afraid to ask God for big things because we falsely believe the enemy is bigger.  

  So when you feel like you don’t know how to find God to work in your life, ignite the flame by reading scripture. And as you hear about the God who can, you will begin to feel His presence again. 

If you want to find God you have to feast on His Word instead of Mans word.

Call on God before you run from god

Communication is vital when you are wondering how to find God when you don’t feel like it. 

    God is not an impersonal God that doesn’t care about our grief and painful circumstances. But He is a God that will respond to a heart that is looking!

   So before we allow the painful circumstances in our life to lead us to believe that God has closed up shop on our souls, we should do one thing. 

  We should talk to God about it. It sounds so trivial and so minor. But the truth is that God will respond. He cares about His children and wants them to know they are loved. 

  So before we give up on God, we have to call on God to lift our hearts where the bad news has caused us to sink

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