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How to cast your burdens unto Jesus so you can dry up your depression.

cast your burdens unto Jesus

  Cast your burdens unto Jesus is something that we all know we should do. But it is easier said than done. 

 We get this concept in the physical world quite easily. We don’t try to pull a steel trailer with thousands of pounds of metal with our own physical body.

  We instead hook the trailer up to a truck with sufficient horsepower. So if we want to deal with our burdens successfully then we have to take the same approach with the burdens of life. 

 You have to cast your burdens unto Jesus or you will break down under the weight of them. Trust me I have tried shouldering my burdens only to buckle under the weight. 

Replace your problems with your promises

  We all struggle to cast our burdens unto Jesus. We often want to hold on tight to them so we can control the outcome. So if we are going to let go we have to replace our problems with our promises.

  If we know Christ then we are a child of God that He has made promises to. We need to replace the problem with the promise God has for us in His word. How do we do that?  

This way when you are tempted to lose all hope you will be reminded of what God says to you that He will do. 

The problems of our life melt away in the presence of the promises of the maker of life

Cast your burdens unto Jesus by recalling who your talking to

Sometimes we can get so lost in the breadth of our burdens that we forget the breadth of the power of God.

  The power of God beat death so it can for sure handle any other burden weighing us down. 

  But if we want to truly experience the power of God carrying our burdens we have to call upon Him. 

   Sadly He can often be the last person that we talk to about our burdens. When in reality He is the only person that can do something about our burdens. 

  so whatever your burden may be let your faith be strengthened. By simply recalling the fact that the one you are entrusting your burden to can handle it. 

Get creative with how you cast your cares

cast your burdens unto Jesus

  Sometimes it helps if we get creative and use symbolism to reinforce what we are going to do with our hearts. 

  That is because we are sight-driven people. So here are a few creative ways to symbolically cast your burdens unto Jesus. 

   You can then keep this blank sheet of paper to remind you since God is working on your burdens you should not worry about your burdens. Or if you are looking for something a little more creative.

After this trip, you can look down at your empty hand to symbolize your commitment to empty your burdens on the strong shoulders of a loving God.

   And just as that rock isn’t coming back up God isn’t going to return our burdens back to us. Because the God we serve is able. 

  I think it can help us if we visualize the process of casting our cares upon God. The last creative suggestion is one that anyone can enjoy.

  As you watch your burdens float to the heavens allow your heart to rest in the promises of God found in His Word. 

  And be confident that God has heard your cry. Here is a great article for more information. 

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