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How to be Famous

1) Find Your Fans

        The first step of the process is to discover what it is that you are  currently the best at through finding your fans.  Many times we think that just because we do not have thousands of facebook followers, a one million views YouTube channel, or our name on merchandise everywhere that no one values the work we do. The key is discovering what we excel at. Michael Jordan is an all star basketball player but probably not a great hunting guide. Garth Brooks is a phenomenal entertainer but probably can’t out cook Bobby Flay. 

        But if you begin to look around in your life you might be surprised. Where do you receive complements at and from whom? It could be the person sitting next to you at church on sunday that is always telling you how great you are at  such and such. They could be found in the crowd at a talent show you competed in , or  the commentators on a personal post of a social media website. But find those people in your life who have complemented you on your abilities and start to really hone in on that trade/ability. Do not discount your family either because they  have known you for a long period of time. Once you find your fans it is now time to listen to what they have told you. 

2) Focus on your moneymaker

          After listening to your  basic fans ( the people in your life who have revealed to you where your excel) it is important to continue on to the next step by focusing on your moneymaker. Your money maker is that skill that they have pointed out that you are good at and they are a fan of. Most people never make it to this step and this is why they are stuck with wishes instead of winnings.  This is the time to stop investing the majority of your time in those areas that you are not proficient at because greatness isn’t born out of mediocre efforts. So take this time to practice, practice, practice on making  a great product, process, or skill. 

         This involves reading books, listening to podcasts , and anything that will take you to the next level. So where do we find all the extra time to focus on this? The secret is to funnel time , money, effort away from that which you are not good at and transfer it to that which the people around you have told you have a future in. This way you will get a return on your investment. So after  you have identified  who the fans are in your life , focused on your moneymaker, and improved your game to the next level it is time to take the last step for a great foundation of startdom. 

3) Feed Your Fans

         Everyone has to start somewhere. Every Great Famous artist did’t start by packing out central park. Every  great political leader most likely got there start by being president of the student council before they were ever the president of a nation. So with that in mind the next step is to tap into the fanbase of people around you who have confirmed they genuinely enjoy your content/product and have expressed interest in seeing more of your greatness. So now is the time to start the avenues  through which  you will deliver your now next level skills. So Start a YouTube channel……. Start a Facebook page…….. Start writing an ebook about it. 

        You can then fill those platforms with the fans talked about in step one. Then most importantly provide those fans with a constant stream of quality material that will make them want to share your message with every friend they have. So do not be discouraged that you are not where you want to be. There truly isn’t overnight success. But if you follow this pathway there is no telling where you will end up. And lastly just remember to have fun. Because people like to follow someone who is passionate and fun. 

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  1. It’s said that if you find something u are passionate about I’ll never work a day in your life ! My problem is I tend to recreate about every 10 years ! I guess it’s a woman thing ! Great work brother Mathew keep um coming

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