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When you wonder if God will forgive you

The truth about forgiveness

     We all know the Sunday School answer to will God forgive us? But life at seven years old eating goldfish crackers  with a Kool-Aid jammer is far removed from life today. When you have only been alive for less than a decade the biggest temptation you have is not to share with others. 

     In addition to not obeying your parents when they tell you to pick up your toys. But then the teen years hit and then adulthood. The mistakes seem to get a lot scarier. Consequences of bad decisions increase in severity. Because of this a question arises through  the sin clouded screen of our minds.

     The question  being will God forgive me? Or Better yet CAN God forgive me? We search out sermons on grace and try to find people that made the same bad choices to see if God changed them. The good news is that God can and will forgive you and me for our sins.

      That is the exact reason He sent Jesus. But oftentimes  the weight of  our choices blinds us from the offer of grace found in His Word. So How can we make the leap to believe what the Bible teaches about Gods forgiveness?

       The answer is found in Genesis. Look at what happened when God said let there be light. Bam there was light. So when you and I read these promises of forgiveness in His word we can 100% say they apply to us. That is good news for sure. 

     So check out these five Scripture verses about Gods forgiveness. Bookmark them in your Bible, take a screenshot, and even pray them back to God. The results will be the burden of guilt on your heart will melt away in the presence of the cross of Jesus. 

1) Psalms 103:3

2) 1 John 1:9

3) Ephesians 1:7

4) Micah 7:18

5) Psalms 32:5

Whats next

     After reading these verses we can rest in the goodness of Gods forgiveness. The message of His word being that if we are transparent with Him about our sin and humble our hearts with a repentant spirit He will forgive.

      Not because you or I deserve it. But because of the sacrifice of a savior. A savior by whose stripes we are healed. So may we all go in the peace that when God says we are forgiven it is as good as done. And to use our forgiveness to grow closer not farther away from our heavenly father.