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Your inspirational verse of the day

We could all use an inspirational verse of the day. God’s Word has the ability to lift us out of the hopelessness of our situation into the arms of everlasting hope. 

   At the beginning and end of our day, we often begin to stress out. We stress out about what we have lost or the prayer that God hasn’t answered yet. 

    This unanswered prayer that transforms into an unmet need can often make us panic. But make no mistake God hasn’t left us high and dry. Let us hold fast to this inspirational verse of the day. And find inspiration in the fact that God will provide.

inspirational verse of the day.

Let the original gift inspire you to wait on your future gift

Do you believe that God gave up His Son for our salvation?

  Of course, you do. So what Paul is saying is that if God met our need of salvation by giving up His Son we can have faith that He will meet every other need that we have. 

  So if God met this need for your life even before you were born we can have faith that God will provide for that unmet need in the future. This is the exact point of our inspirational verse of the day. 

Remember there is a reason for the restraint

  We are impatient people. That is why it is good that God gives us His Word that we can use as an inspirational verse of the day. His Word can become like guideposts of hope. 

  This passage in Romans reminds us of God’s restraint. It is not that God doesn’t want to bless us. It is in fact the opposite. Sometimes in God’s wisdom, He doesn’t grant our request because it is best enjoyed at a later date.

   Similar to how if you picked an orange before it is ripe it can be sour. The difference is the time. 

   So if you are dealing with an unmet need know that God is just trying to give it time to ripen for your enjoyment. 

  And if we try to abandon His plan we can risk experiencing the sour taste of a faulty shortcut. 

Follow the panic plan

inspirational verse of the day

  In order to stop the world from stealing the joy this inspirational verse of the day gives we have to follow its advice. 

  So instead of wearing ourselves out trying to meet our unmet need we have to do three things. 

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