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six conversation starters that make sharing Jesus easier

conversation starter

Six conversation starters to Make Sharing the gospel easier

    We all know that we are supposed to tell others about Jesus. But unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the right time to bring Jesus up to someone. 

   We often put off having the conversation with our loved ones, coworkers, or neighbor until it’s too late. Life gets in the way and we just can’t find a great conversation starter to confront them with the gospel.

     I mean how many people are going to just flat out say ” hey I heard this Jesus person died and rose again the third day so I could be saved. Could you tell me more?”

   So here are five conversation starters to introduce Jesus into the conversation without being weird and completely off topic. 

1) What did you do this weekend?

    Everybody has a Monday. And if you are a Christian you probably make a habit of going to worship on Sunday. This question gives you an easy in to explaining the gospel.

   After learning what they did this weekend you can tell them about how you went to church on Sunday. And then you can tell them why you went. It wasn’t because you were forced but out of appreciation for what Jesus has done. 

  Then you can lay out the gospel for them. This is a great question that can be used week in and week out.  You can try it on a Friday to build a foundation for inviting them to church. 

  Or if they are not really interested the next week you can rephrase the answer to include the sermon topic that you really enjoyed. 

2) Where will you be when your clock runs out?

    So this one might be a little cheesy but it works. If you are watching the big game on your big screen in your living room pay attention to when the clock runs out on the game. 

  I recently tried this at our basketball outreach ministry and it actually works quite well. When the clock runs out as they are discussing the game ask them where will they be when the clock on their life runs out of time. Will they be spending eternity in heaven or hell? 

3) Can I tell you how I got through what your experiencing?

   We often think that the gospel is far removed from everyday life. But it is in fact very on topic for every person’s life. What is at the heart of human heartbreak? 

  At the root of our friends, heartbreak is sin. It is the result of a lie, of lust, of accepting the presence of a powerless idol in the human heart. So as our friends and family come clean with us about the shrapnel of sin in their life. 

   We would be wise to not waste a gospel opportunity. So as they share with us we can respond with a testimony of how God has healed the shrapnel of sin in our life. 

   We do this by asking them ” Can I tell you how I got through what you are experiencing?” It is then at this point we can share with them the offer of salvation that Jesus has on the table for them.

    It is when they hear the endorsement of the gospel from their friend that they truly begin to take it seriously. Especially if they can see what God has already done in their friends’ life. 

Your testimony of what God has done is often the tipping point of your friends saying yes to Jesus.

4) Don't underestimate the why

Why is it important to let your light shine before men

    This conversation starter is a bit more involved but can be very effective. The heart of this exercise being Matthew 5:16 where we do good deeds to point others to Christ.

   Now I am not just talking about the normal stuff of not murdering anyone, staying faithful to your spouse, or making good moral decisions. Hopefully, we all strive to do those exact things.

    But I am talking about good deeds that make people ask the question why? Good deeds are in line with the same reason Jesus went to the cross. 

   So how do you know if a good deed is a good candidate through which a gospel conversation can be started?

– It must be something that nobody forced you to do.

-It must be something where you go above and beyond expectations.

-It must be something that is based on grace and not the gavel of judgment.

    A good example of this is choosing to bless a stranger with a random act of kindness. Buying their coffee at the coffee shop or letting them go in front of you at the grocery store when you were there first. 

   But an even deeper example of this is when someone has wronged you choose to bless them instead of blasting them with bitter judgment. And at that moment they will ask the question why?

    Which is the perfect springboard to begin to tell them about how Jesus blessed you when He should have blasted you with judgment. Then you can proceed to explain to them the gospel.   

5) Feed the stomach and then their soul

    We all have to eat or we will die. Now some of us would survive longer without food but at some point, the body begins to shut down without substance. Some people claim they have no time for the gospel message. 

   But most people have time to share a delicious meal with you and especially if you are the one buying. Even Jesus used food to get people’s attention. 

   So if you have someone that is not receptive yet to the gospel ask them if they would like to eat lunch with you one day your treat. 

  There is something that sharing a meal does to bring people closer together and it is a great conversation starter. 

   In that, you gain trust and build a relationship with them. While you can also tell them why you do this.

    That Why is the gospel that can bring lasting satisfaction to their soul that a meal cannot. There are people who are easily offended by the gospel but there are not many who are offended by ice cream. 

6) ASk them to follow you on social media

    Your friends and family most of the time follow you on your social media sites. You can’t be in the homes of all the people you know all the time preaching to them.

    But when they follow you on social media they can access and be notified of what you are posting. So if you and I choose to leverage our internet presence for Jesus by sharing engaging messages, links to faith articles, or verse images then they will know we follow Christ.

    We can then in the spare moments at work, school, or in the community ask them did they see that gospel post we shared. We then can help them with their questions and better explain the gospel in full. you can check out this video that Cedar Crest Baptist Church made that explains the gospel.

    So that people can share the gospel video with their friends. Today is one of the few times in history that we can send engaging and individual tailored gospel content straight to our friends. 

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