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Best Bible Apps

        We all wished if  some things were different in our lives. That we had a  better marriage, better self control on when it comes to that Big Mac or  Blowout sale. We really wished if our community would just love each other and we would all get along. We truly want these things to happen but oftentimes we end up becoming more frustrated with each failed attempt at change. 

       There is good news though. That good news is that the Bible is full of success stories of issues just like these and more. People that hated each other and were changed so much that they would die for each other. Families that were put back together stronger than ever before. Despite this truth we run into an issue.  The issue is that what is on the page of the Bible doesn’t just all of a sudden start to show up as blessings in our lives. 

       We discover the issue of what do these stories written all of those years ago actually mean for me? Or I read it but I do not understand what it is even talking about. You and I have to realize The best Bible for us is the Bible that we are going to read. Because once we start reading and applying the Bible your life like mine  will begin to change greatly for the better. So then this brings us to one of the greatest gifts of our time. That is the cell phone and the Bible app.

       It is estimated that around 35% of the worlds population has a smart phone and growing. With these devices you can have the entire Bible in your pocket,  find verses relating to your life questions, and at any time of the day. With the massive amount of Bible apps out there , how is one to choose? The first step is to realize that after you realize the best Bible is the one that you are going to read, the second Step is to realize the best Bible is one that you actually understand. So now you need to find the Bible app that fits your learning style. 

visual LEarner

      If your are in this group then you most likely remember how much you loved picture books. Or you understand something better during a work meeting when a diagram or chart is used. Visual learners respond the best to pictures and visual aids that get the point across. This app is great for visual learners because it has connected video to the scriptures. Not only do you get to hear the Bible but you can download the Bible in any language and find dramatic readings of scripture.  

     For example when there is a large crowd of people you hear a crowd hustling and bustling. allows you to see the portions of the Jesus film and other video of the exact verses that you are reading. This allow  you to see the life changing words on the page and see the scenes acted out. If you are a visual learner this is the place to start. I love this because  where else can you find the Jesus film and your Bible in one place. For a visual learner such as myself this is golden and I have truly enjoyed using this app to grow closer to the savior.   

Auditory Learners

       If you are in this group you  learn best through sound or music. For example you might have made up some fun song to remember facts you were going to be tested on in school. With this being the case the Dwell: Audio Bible App is the app for you. I personally am a combination of an auditory and visual learner. This app is awesome as it allows you to choose between four different narrator voices. Along with what kind of music that you want playing in the background ranging from soothing strings of a guitar melody to a beautiful  cello and more. Dwell also allows you to adjust the volume of the music playing in the background.

      Dwell has taken a page from your favorite music listening service by organizing the Bible into different playlists on topics that draw you in and cause you to forget how long you have been listening. Dwell is really great and soothing for  the early morning hours when you have just woken up. This allows you to sip your coffee and take in the sound bytes of scripture that will soothe your soul. All you have to do is listen . It is noteworthy to mention that all features are unlocked through purchasing the app but the free version is pretty awesome if you don’t desire anything more. 

Social Learner

      If You are what they call a social learner then you thrive in a group atmosphere. There is a Bible app that has a social slant to it that can help create that atmosphere for you. The YouVersion Bible app is filled with felt need and deep Biblical reading plans that you and your friends can go through together. You can make verse images and share it on the app and on social media. As you complete a plan that your best friend is working on the same time y’all can have a group discussion on how God is using the plan to impact your life. This app  also allows you to add friends and even find out about church events that are happening your area. It really is a Bible app that comes with an entire community that will walk with you to see God do big things in your life. 

Solitary Learner

     If you are of the solitary learning type then you truly enjoy being by yourself and getting better through self study. One of the greatest apps for that  is the Logos Bible Software app. Yes it is great for people of all learning types. But it has some great features for those who want to go on a solo adventure in the Word. I  can’t even begin to name all the books that are in the library or that are available to purchase for deeper Bible Study. 

     This app allows  you , Jesus, and a good cup of coffee to get lost in the word for days. Diving into word studies, research books, and you can do all of this on your own. They have the apps available for download on their website. You will have to setup and account with them for free and decide on what cost level you will be involved after that. But this truly is the best Bible app for those of us who want to get lost in the Word and have our own answer finding mission.

Next Steps

    You are one download away  from a changed life. Whatever you are dealing with today there is hope. And the God of the universe has written you and me a letter of hope that we know as the Bible. So just know it doesn’t matter if you read print or eBook version. Just make sure you pick a Bible app that you will actually use. Because when you do that your life will change for the better. Your family will be mended, your addictions will be history, and who you are will be secure in Christ. 

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