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Answered prayer not required: How to find peace when God seems slow

  Answered prayer can sometimes be more common in our life than an extinct animal. We simply can’t seem to get God to move. We then become frustrated and bitter towards God. 

  We become the judge, jury, and law on whether God is good or not. And most of the time after a long period of unanswered prayer we come to the conclusion God is not for us.

   When the opposite is actually true. What if I said that your answered prayer has not come your way for the exact reason that God is good.

   That God has something great in store for you. So read on to discover the great things God has for you and to discover the three great reasons that God hasn’t answered your prayer. 

God wants you to win the war not just the battle

answered prayer

  God wants to give you answered prayer. But first He wants to make sure you can handle it. Just like in the case of Israel. 

  As indicated in the verse above God was going to give the entire promised land to them. But He had to give it to them little by little. If not they would be overrun and overwhelmed with massive land.

  So take heart God will deliver your promised land. But He knows what you and I can handle. And wants us to prosper. Because of that, He might have to say no today so we can say yes tomorrow.

   So if God has not given you answered prayer remember that He has a great reward for you. He is just waiting until you can successfully handle it. 

  It is similar to a toddler wanting to drive. Is it a good idea? Definitely not. But they sure might think so. We as adults know that it will only lead to the damage of property and their life. 

  But they do not. So we have to step in and tell them no. But when they are ready at the legal age to drive they can get behind the wheel and enjoy life. 


Answered prayer comes when God brings your abilities in line with your future possibilities

God knows that your request is someone elses answered prayer

  What does this have to do with your answered prayer? It means that God knows what He created and designed you to be the best at. We don’t always know what that is.

   So sometimes God can’t grant our request because He knows that it will cause us to fail. Or it will rob us of the great successful life we could have. 

  So don’t be discouraged and instead choose hope. Because oftentimes behind God’s no is a greater yes. 

Answered prayer is not the answer to your problems

  This is a vicious cycle that we can get caught in. It is easy to believe that if God would just grant this one request we would be set for life.

    But have you ever noticed that twelve new problems pop up in its place? You see when the answer to our prayers becomes the sole source of our joy, hope, and satisfaction we have a problem.

  God will never answer a prayer that enables us to continue worshipping our choice of the idol. God wants us to let Him be the source of our joy, hope, and peace. 

  So if this is us all we have to do to see the answered prayer is to start trusting God as the source of all our joy, hope, and peace. 


If you want to see more answered prayers then anchor your hope in the one who can answer them.

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