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5 things to stop doing to start having a good day

  We all have bad days. Sometimes result from other people’s actions and other times they are the result of our own sinful actions.

   But what if I told you there are things that we do that automatically turn our sorta bad days into our worse days.

   Read on to discover 7 things you can stop doing to start having a good day every day.

Stop comparing yourself to others

  There is nothing that takes the wind out of our sails when we compare our wins to other people’s successes. 

  You and I both have had this experience. We are so excited that we have finally had a breakthrough and then all of a sudden somebody else’s news trumps our own good news.

   All of a sudden our happiness and contentment go out the window. So what do we do? We have to stop comparing ourselves to others and compare ourselves to ourselves. 

  We have to look at where we were and how far we have come. This is where recording our wins comes in so handy. You have to define what is a win for you. 

stop focusing on what you don't have

  Most of us have to learn this truth the hard way. When we focus on what we don’t have we tend to lose the blessings we do have. 

  We put on our ungrateful glasses that look at our world with a scarcity mindset. Look at all this that is missing from my life. 

  The problem is that when we focus on what we don’t have we stop seeing what we actually do have. If we were all honest this is an everyday battle.

   So we have to focus our minds every day. So we need to exchange our ungrateful glasses for some grateful glasses. 

  We can do this by looking at what we do have every day. And also ask the question have I given my all to all that I have?

   God always honors those who do. So a good exercise to realign our reality is to start a grateful routine. 

Trade complaining for calling

  Have you ever seen a raging storm churn up the waters of a lake, pond, or ocean? The effect of the wind and storm churns up all the mud and debris on the bottom. 

  That is very similar to what complaining does. It churns up all the mud in our lives without getting rid of all the mud in our lives. 

  So what we have to do is exchange our complaining for calling upon the Lord. Because when we hand our concerns over to Him we are no longer struggling under the weight of the burden and He can actually do something about it.

   It definitely is not easy. But if you and I will put the energy we put into complaining and direct it towards prayer we will see things change. 

Exchange the practical for the powerful

   Usually what makes a bad day bad is difficult circumstances. Our own understanding lies to us and tells us that this fleeting moment is the end of our story.

   Whereas God is saying that this is just a stop along the way to something greater. We are all guilty of leaning on our own understanding.

   At its core, that really is the reason we sin. We feel we know best and therefore make a choice that we regret. 

  So what we have to do in our life is when we think we know what is best to exchange what we view as practical for the powerful truth of what God says is best. When we do that in faith our lives will turn around. I

Good days don't just happen they are created

  We all spend the majority of our time at work. And that is where the cause of our bad day can usually happen. 

  But if we want to turn a bad day into a good day we have to interject some good moments into our day. It doesn’t just happen. 

  Remember we don’t live in heaven yet so the world is going to let us down. But God created each of us with special gifts, passions, and dreams.

   So one of the ways that we can help turn a bad day into a good day is to set aside time to use our gifts, passions, and dreams every day.

   It doesn’t have to be 3 hours long. But just something we can look forward to doing every day.

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