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3 Self sabotaging habits that are hijacking your miracles

 We serve the God of the impossible. The Bible is full of miracles from cover to cover. The New Testament is full of God turning funerals into parties, happy meals into huge buffets, and deadly thunderstorms into a perfect day for a picnic. 

   When was the last time the impossible became an everyday experience? One of the key differences between the New Testament’s mountain-moving faith and today’s armchair quarterback faith is the self-sabotaging habits we choose to indulge in. 

  God can move the mountains in your life, but you first have to move your heart in line with the nature of God. This involves confronting the self-sabotaging habits that rob you of God showing up and showing out. 

Stop driving blind

self sabotaging

  Would you be ok driving blind? We know that is a terrible idea. But we do it all the time in our spiritual lives. The truth is that the Word of God produces the results of God. The Word of God allows us to see the road of life for what it is. 

  Scripture exposes the seemingly pleasant road of sin for the path of destruction it really is. God’s Word pulls back the curtain of the valley that is depressing us to reveal a good God leading us to a place of peace if we trust the process. 

  The self-sabotaging habit of claiming others’ Bible Study for our own can also affect this process. We can’t expect most of our spiritual diet of God’s Word to come from our favorite Bible teacher, inspirational social media posts, or podcast and be prepared for the road ahead. 

  This would be similar to reading Yelp reviews for a delicious restaurant and wondering why we are still hungry. Secondhand exposure to the Word of God is never enough to experience God firsthand. 

  This has a similar effect on the passengers that can see trying to explain how to drive correctly to a blind man behind the wheel. So if you want to see God move more remarkably in your life, take greater initiative to get into the Word of God. 

   You will then notice as you get into the Word of God that the God of the Word will begin to show up in more significant ways. 

It never pays to put off praying

self sabotaging

  Guess what habit Jesus kept up with for the entire course of His life. This habit was praying. If you want the power of Jesus, you have to adopt the prayer life of Jesus. It was a non-negotiable for the ministry of Jesus. 

  If you don’t have time, look at the life of Jesus. Arena size crowds were always pressing in on him, watching his every move. 

 He was a walking hospital healing entire cities. But Jesus made His communication with the Father a priority. He got away from the crowds for whole nights at times. If you don’t prioritize your prayer life, the problems of life will do it for you. 

  Take advantage of this observation. Putting off coming into the presence of God in prayer is putting off what God wants to do in your life.  

  Be sure that the amount of time you spend on the mountaintop of victory can be directly related to how much time you spend on your knees. The self-sabotaging habit of neglecting your prayer life will catch up with you. 

  The good news is that you can turn the tide today by getting back to the prayer closet. If we neglect this, life can drive us back to our knees. So we can prepare in the presence of God before or after the choice is ours.  

Stop using self sabotaging fuel


  We all know that trouble is on the horizon if you fill up your gas tank with diesel. The same is true of our Christian life. The Christian life that experiences the transforming and miraculous power of God daily runs on the fuel of the glory of God. 

  If God isn’t working in your life, it could be because you’re treating Him like a genie in a bottle. Running the Christian life on the fuel of self-pleasure and satisfaction is a recipe for disaster. 

  Note that even if God granted all our whims and busted down every wall at our pleasure, we would still not be entirely pleased because new walls pop up weekly. God most definitely works, but we work for Him, not the other way around. 

  Chasing miracles instead of the God behind the miracles throws us into a very dissatisfying cycle. Due to the sad truth that often, today’s miracle makes us thirsty for tomorrow’s great wonder.

  We will find ourselves always looking for the next best thing instead of basking in the wonder of the best God. 

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