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5 people that chose to trust in God before they received the blessing of god

trust in God

It is hard to trust in God when circumstances make us question whether we can trust God to come through. 

 God often gives us a plan to execute while waiting for Him to deliver our answered prayer. Amen is when the work begins, not when the work ends. So what do we do until God shows up?  

 The enemy will have us complain, question, and give in fear. But we see five examples of how to trust in God while waiting on the blessing of God.

  Know this, if we waste our time after amen, our anticipated blessing can become a current burden.

David Gathered Stones

 While David was waiting on the battle of his life, he gathered stones. Unlike armor made by men’s hands, these stones were created by God’s hand. 

 To others, it may have looked like he was collecting rocks instead of preparing for battle. 

  We collect rocks for battle by being in the Word. The more we’re in the Word, the more we can hold dear the promises of God. These promises of God cancel out the problematic thinking of the enemy. 

 So realize that sometimes if you are going to trust in God, you have to collect stones. You have to endure the ordinary and mundane things of life. 

  Because one day, God will use the ordinary to allow you to experience the extraordinary.

Noah built a boat

trust in God

 The irony of God is that He could do it all on His own but chooses to include us. Noah was no different. 

    Think about how crazy Noah must have looked building this giant boat before a drop of rain ever fell. God assured Noah he wouldn’t die in the flood waters. 

  But God also gave Noah the plans for the ark. Don’t wait on the flood to start building the boat God’s instructed you to build. Do your part and watch God do His. 

   Never forget this lesson. Noah had a trust in God that was greater than his circumstances. While he was waiting on the flood, Noah was swinging a hammer. 

  So like Noah, after amen, we have to follow the next right thing God gives us. For Noah, it was building an ark, and for us, we have to be attentive to the directions he gives us. 

Abraham gathered sticks

trust in God

  Do you remember when God told Abraham that his son Isaac was to be sacrificed? Well, Abraham didn’t flinch and gathered sticks for a fire and supplies to make it happen. Abraham had an unshakeable trust in God 

    Abraham gathered sticks because he knew God would gather a way out. Abraham took step after step up the mountain, having faith that God would provide a sacrifice that wasn’t his son. 

   So take the attitude of Abraham and gather the sticks. Don’t worry about the cost of what God is asking you to do because the pay out for being faithful to the Lord far exceeds the associated costs. 

Rahab found a scarlet cord

trust in God

  Imagine the scene before Rahab. She can hear the screams of the people in the city being destroyed. She can hear the rubble of buildings being demolished and the war cry of God’s warriors.

   But she had one task to do. Rahab had to let the scarlet cord down as a sign of protection for her family. The spies had promised her safety in response to her keeping them safe. 

    Letting down the scarlet cord in the midst of the chaos all around doesn’t seem that important or noteworthy. But because she was faithful when the dust settled, she could settle down. 

  So when we have prayed all we can pray and are in the midst of the battles of life, remember the scarlet cord. While your waiting on the blessing of God, cling to the greatest blessing of God. That blessing is a savior that makes our scarlet sins as white as snow. 

Moses stretched

trust in God

 Imagine the panic that set up in the Israelite camp. The tyrannical bloodthirsty Egyptians were behind them, and the vast Red Sea was handcuffing their freedom. 

  Moses would stretch out his hands as an instrument God used to part the sea.
This was when Moses didn’t look at the enemy behind them or the obstacle before them. 

  But instead, he chose to trust in God, who was above them.
We know how the story ends. God used Moses to split the Red Sea. But we forget the story in our own lives. 

  We say amen and still see the vast sea and harsh enemy on our tails.
So. While we’re waiting for the sea to part and our enemy to catch up with us, we must cast our eyes on the God above us.

   So choose to stretch out your hands in faith and not allow the despair of today to cause you to throw your hands up in surrender. God will stretch his hand out before the world takes you out.

  You may hear the so-called cries of your “Egyptians,” but the Lord will take care of you.

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