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4 foolproof ways to keep prayer time from becoming nap time

   Let’s all admit it. At some point in time, we have found ourselves being lulled to sleep by the prayers of others in our group. 

  Or we have all had that experience of saying our good night prayers only to wake up the next morning to realize we fell asleep long before amen. 

  So what can we do? The good news is that there is a way to keep prayer time from becoming nap time. 

get biology on your side

  Think about what it takes for us to go to sleep. If we pray in a posture that we easily fall asleep in then we are setting ourselves up for failure.

   So even though we might be more comfortable under warm covers with our head on a soft pillow, and our eyes closed maybe we need to change it up. 

Change your scenery stop your snoozing

  With a little planning, you can say your bedtime prayers in style. Get out of the bedroom and change your scenery to fight off the snoozing. 

Ban boring from your prayers

    Do you know why we sometimes fall asleep or get bored with our prayers? It is because we are not asking God to do big exciting things. 

  It is almost like we forget sometimes who we are talking to. I mean this is the same God that raised people from the dead. 

  So may we have the courage to ask our big God big things. And you know what the benefit of that is? Big things keep our attention and are exciting. 

Repurpose your Routines for real breakthrough

  Do you wash dishes after dinner every night? There are a million chores that have to be done in a household. 

  Many of them give us time to contemplate and think about life. These times can become repurposed for a real breakthrough in our prayer time. 

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