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3 verses to remind you God doesn’t just help on Sunday

The middle of the week can sometimes feel rather hopeless. A great weekend can seem like it is months away.

   Work, school, and relationship troubles can make us feel wore down. By the middle of the week the spiritual high we hopefully received on Sunday has long turned to just fumes. 

  So you and I need a plan to persevere. We could all try to get rid of the last few days before the weekend. 

  Simply have a 3 day work week. But unfortunately we can’t do that. So we have to do something to refill our spiritual tank. 

  The best way to do this is to use the approach Jesus did. That is to internalize scripture to reply back to the lies of hopelessness the enemy throws at us. 

You have someone fighting your battles

  God has given us victory over sin and death. So don’t you think that He will equip us for victory in smaller matters? Always remember a losing week doesn’t negate a winning God.

God is available now

  In the midweek madness, we can be tempted to run to our favorite snack, social media, or whatever else soothes our soul.

   But as Psalms 46:1 points out God can not only be found  today in your present trouble. But He can act as a refuge of protection from the winds of a turmoil-ridden week.

   All we have to do is seek Him in our Midweek storm and we can know that He will get between us and our trial. 

Choose prayer over pity

  I confess that many times I forget the power of this verse. If your like me worry is an all too often frequent visitor.  

  But the bad news is that worry hasn’t ever worked for anyone. That is why the Apostle Paul has another suggestion.

  Paul points out that the path to peace in an anxious situation is by going to the one who has power over the situation.

  Paul points out prayer always brings peace whereas worry only brings wasted time. So when we are in the midst of a difficult time let us choose to pray.

  And as we pray, our burdens can be transferred to God who can carry them so much better. 

  The God who loves us is waiting for our call. Our troubles are not an inconvenience for Him.

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