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3 phrases you can pray to God that always moves mountains

  We all yearn to pray to God like the great believers of the Bible. When they prayed, things happened. Elijah prayed, and the heavens were shut up. Hannah prayed, and a barren womb was opened. 

  So, where is our miracle? We feel like we pray hard enough. But most likely, if we can make three key shifts in how we pray to God, things will happen. 

  So read on to discover three key phrases you can pray to God to move the mountains in your life.

1) THy will be done

If we can replace My will with Thy will, you will see change happening. Why is that?

  It is because our will is often like a grenade. The shrapnel is what gets people. Our will often leaves a trail of jagged pieces that harm others and ourselves. Whereas God’s will brings life. David’s will was to take Bathsheba for his enjoyment. 

    But we all know how a trail of death and hurt was left in the end. So let’s just agree that God knows what He is doing. Jesus also gives us a great example.

    In the Lord’s prayer, Jesus includes the words “Thy Will.” And we find Jesus Himself set the example in the garden of Gethsemane. 

   Jesus prays to the Father that His will would be done. Think about this. If Jesus had ignored God’s will, the world would be without hope. 

  Therefore we see if we pray for God’s will in our life to happen, what happens will bring life. 

2) I have sinned

pray to God

When we pray to God, we often need stuff. We need healing. We need provision. But we forget that God needs us, to be honest with Him.

  But we are scared to be honest, because we know that a Holy God can’t support a wretched sinner. But Jesus makes our honesty possible. 

  Jesus paid for our sin. All we have to do is claim our sin. It is hard for God to work in our lives when we are at odds with Him. God wants to give us forgiveness before He gives us what we want. Why?

   Think about it like this. We can live in the nicest house. Have the nicest cars. And have every material possession we want. But if our family is falling apart. It makes things miserable. 

  So when we pray to God, we need to have the courage to say I have sinned. Then I imagine we will see God begin to give our prayers wings. 

3) Pray to god For his glory

When we pray to God we can be puzzled why we don’t get an answer.

  But in James it shows us that sometimes we want God to give us stuff so we can spend it on our own selfish pleasures. This is the opposite attitude of what we see in the great answered prayers of scripture.

   In scripture the bold prayers that were answered were requests made for the glory of God. God always responds to requests that He would be glorified.

   Because when He is glorified we are most satisfied. But what is meant by glory? Glory is best described instead of defined.

   Think about glory as everything that is received when a team wins a championship. It all points to them as great and they receive the rewards. 

  So if we want to see our prayers become more effective we have to focus more on giving God the glory. That means that we give Him the credit for our blessings, look to Him as the source of our joy, and ask God to equip us to evangelize those around us. 

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