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3 myths on How to pray effectively and what to do about it

We all want to know how to pray effectively. Because an effective prayer is an answered prayer.

   But oftentimes we feel like the chances of our prayers being answered are the same as the weatherman is right. Which is very slim most of the time. So what can we do?

   Well, first we have to stop believing the myths about prayer. This is because when you believe the wrong things you do the wrong things. 

   So let’s first address the problem and then we will discover how to pray effectively and see more of our prayers answered. 


Myth #1: How to pray effectively is connected to how long our prayers are.

how to pray effectively

  I am not sure where this idea came from that the more words we put in a prayer affect how effective it is. 

  This is a hard concept for us to believe. Because we are often taught that more is better. But Jesus clearly points out in Matthew 6:7 how many words are not the ticket to an answered prayer.

   Notice also how Jesus uses the word imagine. So isn’t this good news? Our inability to come up with an hour-long prayer with fancy words has no effect on the probability of our prayer being answered.

Myth#2: How to pray effectively is connected to knowing the right words

We also falsely believe that our ability to pray effectively hinges on us saying the right words. But there is good news.

    The good news Paul points out in Romans is that we have a prayer guide in the Holy Spirit. When we don’t know the words to say the Spirit fills in the blanks with what we need to say 

    So don’t let your fear of imperfect words stop you from praying. The Holy Spirit will step in for you and translate your request into perfect words straight into the ears of your Heavenly Father.

Myth#3: Answered prayers require perfect behavior

None of us on this earth are free from mistakes and sin. But we often think that the better we behave the more prayers we will get answered.

  The problem with the line of thinking is that at no point are we free from sin. We have all gone astray. So what is the solution?

  The solution is that God wants us to confess our sin to Him. Jesus paid the price for our forgiveness. All we have to do is confess and ask God. 

  So if in our desire to earn answered prayers we conceal our sins from God we actually get the opposite result. May we instead confess our sins and see God do great things in our life.

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How to get on the fast track for answered prayers

  Now that we know the myths about how to pray effectively we can start praying for results. Be sure to click on the download button below to receive your praying for results worksheet. 


  You can use the worksheet above to pray for results. Pray through each section to put into practice how to pray effectively.

If you are interested in learning more about how to stay focused for effective prayer check out this article by Arabah Joy. 

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