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3 mindset shifts every Christian has to make to love their job

Work as if working for the Lord

  When you work as if working for the Lord it can be as good as a worship service. Every Christian loves a good worship service.

 You know the ones I am talking about. Where the preacher brings a message that is exactly what we needed that week. 

The worship team is on point and sings your favorite song. And on top of all this that friend you have been dying to see at church shows up. But then reality hits.

   And our Sunday victory song turns into a Monday of mourning song. We just aren’t that excited about going back to a possible conflict-ridden, uncomfortable office politics, and a job description that leaves us devoid of passion.

   The bad news is that quitting your job is probably not an option. I mean the bills definitely would not thank you. 

  But the greatest news is that even though you can’t change jobs you can change your mindset.

   And the sooner you make these five mindset changes the sooner you can turn those Mondays of mourning into Mondays of Many joys. 

Work as if working for the lord creates joy

Before we walk into the office on Monday morning it would do us good to remember Colossians  3:23. 

   Which points out that we are to do everything as if we were working for the Lord. So what is so great about that?

   God is a great boss. He met us where we were and gave up His Son so that we could be in heaven with him.

  Doesn’t that make you want to give your all for Him where you are at? So if you struggle to give your all due to the people at your workplace don’t give up. 

  Instead, focus on doing your work for the God who gave all for you. Then when you work as if working for the Lord you will see things change. 

switch your have to into want to

  Motivation is a powerful thing. If we think of work as just the place from which we draw a paycheck depression is on our doorstep. You and I are made for more. 

  When we realize God has sent us out as good news agents into our workplace on Monday morning it changes our outlook. 

  We have to realize that if we struggle with difficult coworkers there is a solution. Share with them the good news that transforms the character of people.

  God has put you and me at our specific place of employment to impact specific people that sometimes only we can reach.

   Think about the fact that your preacher will probably never go to work with you. But the good news does.  

So as soon as you look at your workplace as your calling as an agent of the good news of Jesus to see dead hearts resurrected joy follows. 

Leave your identity on calvary not the office

 What is the biggest benefit of working as if working for the Lord? Your job doesn’t strip away your joy even when the office isn’t joyful. 

  The easiest way to love our job is to realize that our identity is found in Christ on Calvary and who we are in Him. Christ will never fail us or betray us. 

  We hate our jobs sometimes because we are expecting our career, coworkers, and boss to be Jesus. so when we know the reality that they are broken people just like us we can find grace. 

  And not only that but realizing our identity is in Christ prevents those Mondays of mourning. Because we know that if today is a bad day at work it doesn’t affect our worth or standing with God. 

  While it also allows us to enjoy the highs of a good day without tying our peace and hope to a win that has a glory that will fade. To find more ways to work as if working for the Lord check out this article. 

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