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3 keys to unlocking the miracle that escapes you

  We all wish we could see more miracles in our lives. Isn’t it crazy that miracles seemed to be an everyday occurrence in scripture? 

  If this is the case why do we struggle so often to see God work in our life? The good news is that God will work we just have to hold up our end of the bargain. So read on to discover 3 keys to see God do the impossible in your life. 

Exchange your pilot seat for a passenger seat

    This verse gives us the first key as to why we don’t see God working on our miracle. That is because our motives are wrong. God knows that if we received our miracle we would make it all about us and throw Him to the curb. 

  So we have to examine our hearts when our miracles seem to be in the waiting room of heaven. The solution is that we have to allow God to be the pilot and captain of our lives. 

  And realize that we have to submit to His will if He is going to work in our lives today. So how can we do this? We can filter our desire for a miracle through three foolproof sources.

God is most likely to send us miracles when we send Him our heart.

Put on your God glasses

  There is one important ingredient that has to be present for God to work. This ingredient is faith. Faith gives us the ability to see the world from God’s perspective.

   It is so important that a town in the New Testament did not see many miracles because of their unbelief. 

  We know that faith is important but sometimes it is hard to believe when everything is spiraling out of control. So how do we cultivate faith?

Build a runway for Gods Rescue package

  In multiple wars in our history important flights had to land in enemy territory for supplies, support, and rescues. In order for these flights to land a runway had to be constructed. 

  The same is true in our life. God will work. But we have to be ready to receive what He is bringing. Just like in all of the instances above the individual was required to do something in order for God to do something great. 

  So we have to ask ourselves the question what are we doing today to prepare for our answered prayer God will deliver one day. We can do this through  prayer, obeying the next steps God shows us, and remembering God will stay true to His word. 

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