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3 fun activities to start this year that will make your family grow closer to Jesus

   We all want our families to love Jesus more. Our desire is to see those we love and ourselves praying more, reading scripture more, and serving more. 

   But life gets in the way. And if we are honest kids think most of our spiritual disciplines are boring. I mean if we were honest we could all remember a time that we fell asleep praying before bed. 

   But luckily there are some ways that we can change it up so that the whole family wants to get involved in loving Jesus more. 

Start a treasure hunt for the ultimate treasure

  Families love competition. So why not use that to your advantage. 

Start translating talking into action

   It is great that our families and children know the Bible. But it is even better when we give opportunities to practice what we read.

   If all we do is fill our heads with the knowledge we fall short of the abundant life God wants for us. It is very similar to reading a recipe for apple pie but never cooking it. 

  So a fun way to help our families love Jesus more in the new year is to pick a place to serve as a family once a month. 

  God creates all of us with different gifts and talents. So the key in seeing your family or kids serving Jesus more is to align their gifts with God’s purpose. 

  It is sort of like how Michael Jordan probably wouldn’t want to be a landscaper. So once you identify the passions that God has given your family you can connect that with a project to serve Jesus. 

  For example, if you have a grandparent in the nursing home why not make that nursing home a place you show the love of Jesus. Or if your family likes to paint find a way that you can spread the love of Jesus through art.

   Maybe your family likes to cook. Why not make something delicious to bring to someone in need. The possibilities are endless.

   Another plus is if you document your serving throughout the years your family will have a tangible reminder of how you loved Jesus faithfully. 

Start a prayer portal

  The old saying says that failing to plan is planning to fail. The same applies to prayer. One thing that we can do to increase our family’s prayer life is to find a corner, closet, or space in your home that can be designated as the prayer place. 

  Hang a dry erase board on the wall to list all the requests of the family. And as God answers them erase them. Make it a fun space. Put a cool chair and decor in the space. 

  You can even put a jar with prayer requests they can draw if they don’t know what to pray. To start it off or especially for young kids make it fun by doing this. 

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