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3 Christmas activities for families that Keeps Jesus from being left out

     Christmas activities for families are popular around December. Everyone from the department stores to our Aunt sally is fighting for our attention. 

  In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, the person behind the celebration can unintentionally be left out. 

   That person is Jesus. The good news is that there are some fun Christmas activities for families that can bring Jesus to the forefront of our celebrations. 

Christmas trivia and treats

Christmas activities for families

   One of the first Christmas activities for families you can do is hold a trivia competition. You can show them a movie about the nativity or read them the Christmas story so they know the facts. 

   Make sure to get some treats as a reward for the right answers also. After they hear the Christmas story you can give them a trivia worksheet like the one above to fill out.

   This adds a competition element to it that kids love. You can use the worksheet above by clicking on the red download button above. 

get in touch with the artist inside you

   Another Christmas activity you can do with your kids is using art as an avenue to discuss the Christmas story.

   You can do this by printing off Christmas-themed coloring sheets like the one above and having a coloring contest. As they are coloring you can tell them the Christmas story. 

  When everyone is done you can celebrate with some treats. You can also use other art-themed ideas such as those listed below.

Throw a Happy Birthday Jesus party

  Everyone loves a party. So why not throw a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas day or the weeks leading up to the big day. 

  Your kids can help you make a cake and use Icing to write Happy Birthday Jesus. At the party, you can get everyone to make up bags of love to give out to the needy, residents of a local nursing home, or even just someone who may be hurting this holiday season. 

  There are many ways that you can make this fit your own needs while keeping your families focused on Jesus. 

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