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3 best study bibles that you will not want to put down

  We as Christians are always looking for the best study Bibles. But reading them can sometimes be challenging.

  But what if you have trouble getting into the Bible. Like what about those really seemingly unexciting books such as Leviticus? 

  Well, Do I have a solution for us. I have found that if you love your Bible then you are more likely to read your Bible. 

  And the more you and I read the Bible the more the Holy Spirit can work on changing our life to match His image.

   So read on to discover the three best study Bibles that you will make you not want to put down. 

  And will also equip you to actually understand and implement what you are reading. 

note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. But also know I love buying books/Bibles and only recommend that which has truly helped me in my ministry. 

The best study bibles are interactive

Best Study Bibles

  The Tony Evans Study Bible has been great for my Bible Study. It is like having a masterful Bible teacher give you a tour of scripture. 

  The coolest feature of this Bible is its integration of technology. This Study Bible has over 150 digital QR codes embedded into the page notes for more information. 

  Each link takes you directly to Dr. Evan’s teaching on the specific passage you are studying.

   All you have to do is take out your cell phone and scan the digital code. This is not the only interactive feature of this Study Bible though. 

 If you are like me it helps to have application questions on what I have just read. This Study Bible has weaved application questions throughout to make sure the Word of God translates into us doing the will of God. 

  While it pushes us into action there are also inspirational articles on finding hope from the scripture we have read. 

 If you would like to learn more and get the Kindle or hard copy follow the Amazon link below. 

The study bible that has a plan for success

best study bibles

  I am a thinker, dreamer, and vision-focused person. The problem with this is that thoughts don’t always translate into actions. That is often the case with the Study Bibles we purchase.

  We end up reading the Word without living the Word. That is why I bought this Study Bible and It makes such a difference.

  We often hear failing to plan is planning to fail. And this rings so true in our Bible Study. 

  The Disciples Study Bible equips us with two important features to help with this.

1) The F-260 reading plan

best study bibles

  This reading plan is included in the Disciples study Bible. It is created for busy people and has time for catch-up built-in. 

  The reading plan guides us through 260 faith-centric passages over a period of a year. The weekends are left open to catch up on any reading we have gotten behind on. 

  In addition to this, it recommends a scripture memory verse each week to go with the Bible reading.

  This practice can really change your walk with Christ. As part of my seminary class last semester I memorized a Scripture of the week. 

  The results were amazing. The more Scripture we memorize the more equipped we are to shoot down temptation. 

  But there is another feature that complements the reading plan that is a game-changer.

   That is within the pages of the Study Bible they have included an observations page for application at the end of every day’s scripture reading. 

 This page helps us to unveil what it looks like to take the scripture we have read and put it into practice that day. 

best study bibles

So if you would like to check out this Study Bible click the link below. 

The study bible made for keeping your attention

best study bibles

  This is one of the best study Bibles for those of us who like to take one step at a time. He reads the truth study Bible gives a weekly Bible reading plan at the start of each book of the Bible. 

  It then gives a simple and precise book outline that connects to the reading plan. I have to say the biggest help in this Study Bible is the aesthetics. 

  Simply the way the graphic design of the reading plans and articles are created draws you deeper into wanting to read more of the Bible. 

  This Study Bible is my go-to when I want to see a visual representation in chart form of how all of scripture is connected. That being said as helpful as the visuals are the only downside is that the font size is on the small side.

   But if you are looking for a Study Bible with unique visuals on what Scripture is saying this is it. 

  Or if you are looking for a Study Bible that will lead you one small step at a time to the final goal of reading through the Bible etc. This is the Bible for You. 

  Holman has a Women’s version of this bible called She Reads the Truth and a men’s version called He Reads the Truth.

   If you are interested in finding out more information about this Study Bible click the amazon link below. You can also click here to read more about the He Reads the Truth ministry. 

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